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We believe that our relationship with the objects around us in deep and, sadly, often ignored. The mass-produced furniture and art we are familiar with today lack a relationship to their physical surroundings and ultimately, to the men and women who are meant to enjoy them. The depth and quality of our relationship to these objects is important - the more beauty we are able to recognize in them the greater the quality of our lives, and the more we will demand quality out of those objects.

We aim to revive the symbiotic relationship between a piece of furniture and those who are meant to enjoy that furniture. And we feel that integrating the designer and builder, allowing you to be involved in the design and development of a piece, is one of the best ways to do that. When you get what you want, bringing together comfort, utility and aesthetics, we think you will appreciate the relationship to which we speak.

We use reclaimed and recycled wood when we can. In any effective combination of beauty and utility, waste is minimized and reclaimed wood fits that bill. But equally important, this old wood allows us to tell a story about the past and future of a piece. In cooperation with our clients, inspiration for our designs often comes from the previous use of the wood. We retain elements like old nail holes, saw marks, joints, and live edges. And we use them to tell a story. Sometimes slightly whimsical, hopefully not kitschy, we think these written and unwritten stories will help you to appreciate our furniture. They certainly help us.

We draw inspiration from the artists and craftsman of the past, but are simultaneously aware of the importance of modern requirements, change and rebirth. The Renaissance that spanned the 14th to 17th centuries was based not just on a renewed appreciation for classical design, processes and learning, but also on modern applications of the classics. We bring that same vigor to our work, in what we hope is a modern renaissance in furniture design and development.

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