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a word on price and value

We are constantly trying to maximize the value of each piece we build. And since price is a key component to the value of a piece, we try to keep the price of our furniture as low as we can. We want as many people to be able to enjoy what we make as possible. However, the price of custom and quality made furniture is dependent on a number of things, and may seem expensive. Labor devoted to design and construction, material costs, overhead, and upkeep of quality tools are but a few factors that go into pricing. If you are interested in a custom piece of furniture, contact us and we can discuss the price of the piece you are interested in. Talking costs nothing and we like to hear from you even if you decide against ordering from us.

Our pricing philosophy is to choose to focus on value, rather than just price alone. A mass-produced dining table, for example, will often (although not always) cost less than a comparable custom-made or one-of-a-kind dining table. However, the one-of-a-kind table will almost certainly hold its value better than the mass-produced table, and may appreciate in value. So we think of fine furniture not just as something that provides beauty and an essential function to everyday life, but also as a store of value. Much like a fine painting or other piece of art that serves a function.

Further, we take the time to use the finest materials, sometimes very rare, and construct quality joints, building our furniture to last. Many mass-produced retailers do not do this. Although we cannot guarantee anything, we feel our furniture will last longer than comparable mass-produced furniture. This combination of quality and rarity justifies a custom made or one-of-a-kind piece from Old Growth Woodworks.

Lastly, we speak of “comparable mass-produced furniture” for sake of example. However, such a thing does not really exist. Our furniture is unique and cannot be duplicated on a large scale. Our process of letting material and process of making a piece dictate the design (rather than design dictating the material required and the construction process) makes it impossible for our furniture to be mass-produced.


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