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15”W x 40”L x 17”H

Old Growth Walnut slab; walnut base; wax finish on slab, oil finish on base

It is extremely rare to find slabs from old, virgin forest timber because the pioneers who harvested the wood typically removed the live edge (the edge containing the bark of the wood). This old growth walnut slab was found in a Central Ohio barn built in the 1870s, unknowingly being used as shelving, with the live edge intact. Notice the tight grain and the many pin knots in the walnut, not found in newer growth, open harvest trees that are logged today. The slab is finished with multiple coats of hand-rubbed wax. The base is locally milled walnut with a hand rubbed oil finish. This table can be built with other woods or bases, depending on availability.

 Walnut Slab Coffee Table    
 Walnut Slab Coffee Table

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