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42"W x 84"L x 30"H

A trestle table the way they used to be made. The two and a half inch four-board bookmatched top of this table is Amish milled walnut. The massive trestle base is sawn and carved from a beautifully figured walnut beam reclaimed from a local barn. With top and base together, this table invokes a sense of permanence. It will stay put, and the owner will stay with it, through decades of dinners, family gatherings, long discussions, and if lucky, maybe even a little dancing on the table-top . We joked with the client that in the event of a tornado, gather the family and wait out the twister under this table. It isn't going anywhere.

 walnut trestle dining table  walnut trestle dining table
walnut trestle dining table   walnut trestle dining table  

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